• Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can you pick up and return my computer? I can’t get there myself.

     offers pickup and drop-off service for laptop or desktop Macs in the Nashville area. There is a fee associated with this service, which varies depending on your proximity to our store location.

    If you require this service, please fill out our form here or call one of our location to inquire or set up a time.

    In some cases, it may be more economical to ship your computer to us, or schedule an onsite consulting or service visit.

    Can I mail or ship my machine to you and have you ship it back?


    Many of our customers are located out of range of our store in Nashville location. We routinely work on computer via mail-in service and are happy to ship the unit back for actual shipping costs if requested once the repair is completed.

    For mail-in service, we request that you include as much information as possible with the unit(s) you are mailing in. Relevant information includes:

    • Full contact name for billing and questions — someone who is familiar with the problems and the current state of the unit you are mailing in
    • Any available contact numbers which have the ability to record messages or voicemail
    • Valid email address for contact person
    • DETAILED problem description. The more detail the better! It will help us pinpoint your issue and prevent unnecessary correspondance which may increase turnaround times
    • Return shipping address, especially if it differs from the “sent” address
    • Administrative password(s)

    We would recommend using a trackable, insurable shipping service to send us your computer, such as UPS or FedEx. All return shipments are sent using UPS ground service, insured for the value of the computer, unless otherwise requested.

    ODC requires payment for services rendered, parts required, and any outbound shipping charges prior to returning your computer(s). If you have additional questions, please contact us by phone at 615-463-8066.

    Can I have someone else dropoff/pickup my computer for me?

    Not a problem.

    For pickups, we require the full name of the person who will arrive in your place to retrieve your machine. We may ask for ID — it’s nothing personal.

    If you’d like to have someone else dropoff/check in your computer, please provide them with all of the relevant information we will ask for upon checkin, including:

    • Full name
    • All contact numbers
    • Valid email address
    • Billing address (and shipping address if you request outbound shipping)
    • Administrative password for your computer(s)

    If your machine is out-of-warranty, your representative may also pay our service charges, or you may request that we call you to obtain payment prior to working on your computer.

    Someone told me it would cost this much, but you’re saying it’s this much. What’s up with that?

    is an independent Computer Service Provider. We work on all type of PC, Macs and other Apple equipment and have an extremely talented and competent technical staff. 

    Many times people come to us as an alternative option, or even a last resort in extremely difficult troubleshooting situations, having been quoted pricing on specific parts and repairs by friends, other stores, the Apple Retail locations, or other means. As helpful as that is in some instances, we MUST perform our own full suite of diagnostics and diagnose your specific issues on our bench, with our own tools and technical staff. We cannot perform repairs or order parts based on diagnoses from other companies, institutions or people.

    We will give you a free diagnosis service, and competitive pricing on parts and labor for any repair that may be required.

    Will we be able to match Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, or other massive retail and online vendors on parts pricing? Probably not. What we can provide you is the absolute best Mac repair experience you can find anywhere, friendly service, reasonable prices, fast turnaround, and followup support and warranty service that you cannot find anywhere else.

    Can you pre-order parts so I can just bring my computer in when they arrive?

    Yes that possible if you pay for the parts in advance.

    If you have concerns about our standard turnaround time, please ask about our expedited service options.

    Can I bring my own parts for you to install?

     is happy to install standard upgrade parts into your machine should you wish to provide your own. Hard drives and RAM are the most common examples. However, items not purchased through ODC carry only the manufacturer’s hardware warranty and ODC’s 30-day service guarantee. In the event of a part failure, this can lead to extended wait times since ODC cannot replace the faulty part on the spot and must wait (weeks in most cases) for the manufacturer to replace the faulty component.

    We do normally perform installations for customer-provided service parts, including LCD panels, logic boards, or other internal proprietary electronics. 

    Do you fix iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, and Apple Watch?

     provides service for Macintosh computers, iPad, Beats Audio, AirPods, and HomePod devices. We do offer repairs for hardware issues with iPhones, iPod Touches, and Apple Watch.

    If you are having software or syncing issues with your device, we can help. Feel free to check in your mobile device and the computer it is syncing with for our standard bench service.

    When are you open and how can I get in touch?

    Monday - to - Friday from 9am : 6pm. Saturday from 11am : 4pm

    Should I back up my data before bringing my computer in for service?


    Although ODC service technicians try their hardest to retain customer information, in some cases computer and hard drive malfunctions can pose a risk to the integrity of your data. For this reason you should ALWAYS have and maintain a recent backup of all of your critical information.

    If you have lost data and have no alternatives, data recovery may be an option.

    How long will it take for my computer to be ready?

    ’s standard turnaround time for full diagnostic and repair services is 2-3 business days. Depending on how many machines are in our working queue, there is a possibility that you computer may be ready sooner than that. However, turnaround time may be extended if out-of-stock, vintage, or scarce parts are required to complete